Polls with TYPO3 and jk_poll

jk_poll is a simple extension to implement polls on your TYPO3-site. An overview about what the extension does can be seen on the demos section. If you want to add the extension to your site the manual should answer most of your question on howto implement it. Some of its features:

  • use the RichTextEditor (RTE) to type your questions
  • different colors for the answers
  • add an image to your poll
  • style the output of the extension with your own template-file
  • multilingual
  • list all old poll
  • choose between horizontal and vertical bars
  • use of captchas (Extensions “captcha” and “sr_freecaptcha”) possible
  • allow votes only from users logged into your website
  • prevent double voting with the help of IP logging or cookies
  • insert the plugin via TypoScript

A short Demo of the extension.