Future of jk_poll

jk_poll is now 10 years old (first upload in 2005). New versions are released more and more rarely and only contain bugfixes like compatibility with TYPO3 6.2.x. From my point of view the extension is “feature complete”.

I started jk_poll because I needed a poll for one of my TYPO3 installations and none of the existing ones seemed to fit. Over the years I got requests for new features and so the extension enhanced. By now I do not use jk_poll in any TYPO3 installation by myself (except for the demo on this site). In general I only use TYPO3 rarely. Because of this it is more than likely that jk_poll will not get any new features. In contrast some features might fall because other extension needed (like comments) are no longer compatible with the current TYPO3 version 6.2.17. Of course you are free to request new features but the chances they will make it in the extension are extremely little. However bugfixes and compatibility for at least TYPO3 version 6.x will still be provided.

On Github there is also a “fork” available. This might be worth a look for people using jk_poll.

Summary: There won’t be new features in jk_poll. Bugfixes and compatibility for TYPO3 version 6.x will still be available.