NetApp vFiler DR with Data ONTAP Simulator Part 1: Download of the files needed

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To test NetApp vFiler DR and other NetApp features you can use Data ONTAP Simulator. At the end of this series of articles you have 2 7-Mode NetApps with all licenses needed and vFiler DR configured. I use VMware Fusion on Mac OS X to run the Data ONTAP Simulator but VMware Workstation and VMware Player should work quite the same.

vFiler DR

In order to download the simulator you have to register with NetApp. Now you can download the VM. You have to choose between the formats for VMware ESX, Workstation, Player or Fusion. In addition it is distinguished between “7-Mode” and “Clustered-ONTAP”. In this case I use 7-Mode (Version 8.2.3) for VMware Fusion.

You also need the licenses for features like SnapMirror. Licenses depend on the serial number of the Data ONTAP installation. The VM you donwload always has the same serial number. Because you need to have to VMs you have to change the serial number of the second VM. So you also need additional licenses matching the new serial number. Fortunately you can use the licenses for Clustered-ONTAP also listed on the website. Summarizing you need to download the licenses “VSIM Licenses: 8.2.3 licenses 7-Mode” and “VSIM Licenses: 8.2.3 licenses Clustered-ONTAP”.

files needed

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